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Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days

  1. HOW DOES IT WORK? - You enter the cities you want leads for. You can select as many as you like. There are many options for you to choose from. eg: North Island, South Island, or all New Zealand. You can only select leads by groups OR by location. You cannot have both.
  2. LEAD COSTS - We charge per lead and provide free training on how to approach the leads. We run a flexible system where you can turn your leads on/off, boost, slow to whatever suits your needs. Each lead costs $40 plus GST and is subject to change.
    All leads bought are exclusive to you. We do not sell the same information to two or three providers.
  3. HOW WE BILL YOU - Your credit card details will only need to be loaded once. Your card is debited 72 hrs after the lead come in. You are in control. If you are lead is invalid, you need to log into the MY SOLAR CRM (which we will send you shortly) and mark your lead INVALID. This will prevent your card from being debited. We charge a $250 bond which we refund after your first 30 leads.
  4. CAN YOU PLACE LEADS INTO OUR CRM? - Yes we can. eg: Sales Force.
  5. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT LEADS I’VE PAID FOR? - All our leads are billed 72hrs AFTER they arrive. If the lead is invalid, you will not be billed as long as this has been requested within 72 hrs. You will have access to a portal that will show you the lead address (Property address) you bought. Each lead will have a unique ID that would match the invoice and address.
  6. WHAT IS AN INVALID LEAD? - We guarantee the leads for phone, address and property owner accuracy or affiliated with the property. We do not ensure they will purchase. Each lead has completed a questionnaire to obtain as much information as possible for you to engage on a phone call. Invalid leads are not billed. All invalid leads are monitored.
  7. CAN I STOP THE LEADS? - You can pause or stop your leads at any time with 72 hrs notice in writing.
  8. CAN I USE YOUR CRM? - Yes, you can. We do provide an automation service so you can communicate with your prospects. This is $179 per month plus any setup.
  9. Please read our full terms and conditions
  10. By clicking the link to proceed and taking payment is acceptance of above and our full terms and conditions.
  11. The website and structure of the unique lead flow system is copyright to Fly Me High Limited.

Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days.