For landlords in New Zealand, commercial solar power is an excellent investment because it offers a wide range of advantages to business owners, including significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Understanding the benefits of commercial solar power for landlords in New Zealand is essential. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of commercial solar power for landlords and why it is a good investment for them.

Cut your energy costs

Solar energy is much cheaper than using grid power to charge electric vehicles. Increasingly, electric vehicles are becoming more popular, so landlords can make their solar system work to power electric vehicle charging stations, attracting tenants who own electric vehicles by providing charging stations powered by their solar system.


Increase the value of your property

It has also been shown that solar power can increase the value of your commercial property, which is another significant advantage of commercial solar power. Installing solar panels on your property can make it more attractive to tenants searching for environmentally friendly, sustainable spaces for their businesses. Moreover, solar panels can significantly increase your property’s resale value, making them a worthwhile long-term investment for you.

Lowered carbon footprint

Installing solar panels can also help you reduce your carbon footprint as a landlord and contribute to a more sustainable future. As a renewable, clean, renewable energy source, commercial solar power does not emit greenhouse gases or air pollutants, which means that it is far more environmentally friendly than grid-powered power in terms of its environmental impact.


Finance Options

It is good to know that many New Zealand banks offer deals for solar installations. Thus, landlords can benefit from low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and tax incentives if they choose to finance their solar system. In addition, to offset the upfront costs of installation, landlords can also make solar systems an affordable option for businesses of all sizes by financing them.

Compare multiple quotes

With Price My Solar, landlords can find top solar installers that can provide multiple quotes for their solar installation project.
As a result, commercial solar power in New Zealand is a great way for landlords to save on their energy costs, increase the value of their property, and reduce their carbon footprint. It provides various benefits for landlords, such as reduced energy costs, increased property value, and reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, as financing options are available, it is an affordable option for all businesses and organizations.