When you make the investment to go solar for your home, you want to make it last. And while solar panels are fairly low maintenance, especially with quality materials installed by a professional, there are some things you can do to make sure it goes the distance. The typical solar energy system has a lifespan of 25 years, and with regular simple maintenance tips you can benefit from solar energy for decades to come.

Cleaning your solar panels

It stands to reason that a solar panel can work its best when it can collect the most light—and if there’s debris or bird droppings covering a parts of your panel, your energy generation isn’t working as optimally as it should. Keeping your solar panels cleaned just once or twice a year can help make sure you’re maximizing the life of your panels.


Make way for the sun

Our lush New Zealand trees and bushes are a wonder to look at, but if any of these limbs or branches cast a shadow on your panels, you could be minimizing your output. And as we know, those trees are going to keep growing! So keep an eye on growth over time, and trim back trees to keep things clear. When your panels don’t have to work as hard to gather energy, they last longer.

Keep critters off

Depending on the height of your roof, there could be animals that put your panels at risk. Squirrels, birds, rodents, and even cats could cause damage to your system. Installing wildlife guards around your panels can help keep your system critter free.

Inspect your inverter

The inverter is the heart of your system, and to keep that energy flowing, you need to keep it in tip top shape. Inspect your inverter yearly to make it last. Inverters are designed to withstand the elements but should be kept free of any debris or dust that may accumulate. Arrange to have your filters and fans cleaned regularly to keep them running smooth longer.


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