Commercial solar systems have many advantages but also disadvantages. The most notable benefit is that they are a renewable energy source, which means that the sun will never stop shining, and it’s always free. Investing in a solar electricity system allows businesses to save money on utility bills while investing in something positive for the environment.

Pros of Commercial solar systems

Reduced operating costs

Installing solar panels on commercial buildings can lower monthly expenses. Systems can be designed effectively to generate enough power to cancel out any external suppliers.


Fixed energy costs

Solar electricity systems offer fixed costs for energy. External sources from suppliers are subject to seasonal changes and fluctuations, affecting a business cash flow.

Decreased carbon footprint

One of the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions in residential and commercial settings is burning fossil fuels. Solar energy can produce emissions-free electricity that makes a positive impact.

“Green” branding for businesses

A company’s commitment to the people and community it serves can show its willingness to do good with its profits without waiting for a return on investment. Clean and renewable energy is popular among businesses that wish to show their commitment to reducing pollution. Helping the environment presents Public Relations opportunities for any company.

Low maintenance

A solar energy system is less expensive to maintain than our typical systems. It requires no moving parts, which means that there’s less chance of breaking or going wrong than the standard alternative.

Increased property value

Adding cost-reducing infrastructure to your commercial building adds capital value when it comes time to sell.

Cons of Commercial solar systems

Roof or electrical system may need upgrading

Once a site audit is complete, it may become apparent that the roof or electrical system needs to be upgraded or even replaced. The high upfront cost of upgrading either of these may make solar energy a less attractive option for business owners looking to save money.

High upfront costs

Solar systems are dropping in price, but there is still a relatively high upfront cost a business owner needs to factor. However, there are multiple ways in which solar systems can be financed.

Seasonal inconsistency

Solar panels harvest more electricity in areas with more exposure to sunlight, and there may be concerns about your particular region having enough sunlight hours to produce sufficient energy.


However, business owners in areas with unpredictable weather can still reap the benefits of solar.

Solar energy is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and save money on electricity, but it’s essential to research before committing.

We recommend talking with one of our experts about what type of system would be appropriate for your needs.