Commercial solar power is a viable option for companies looking to lower energy costs and help the environment. There are a few easy steps that commercial building owners and managers can take to ensure commercial solar power is implemented on their property with ease.

Step 1. The initial consultation

The most critical first steps commercial building owners and commercial solar power companies can take. Commercial building owners will determine whether commercial solar power is a viable option for their property during an initial consultation.


Commercial building owners will discuss with commercial solar power experts various aspects of commercial solar power:

  • Purpose of the commercial solar array
  • Current and future power needs
  • Size of the commercial business solar array
  • Sunlight levels at the site of the proposed commercial project.

Step 2. Design your commercial project

Typically your solar energy partner will take your requirements to an Engineer for the design phase. Engineers are often required to get very creative during this phase and often have tight restraints based on the initial consultation.

Step 3. Contract and network approvals

 After the plan is agreed upon, the project can then be priced up for installation and components required to deliver the system. All necessary local approvals are put in place, and a timeline for the installation process to begin.

Step 4. Installation

All after stages of planning and designing are complete; installation can begin. The commercial solar panels get fitted wired up, and the project is handed over to the new owners.


The process of installing solar panels is not as complex as you might think. It can be broken down into four easy steps that we’ve outlined here for your convenience and ease of understanding. We hope this guide has helped demystify the commercial solar installation process! If you are still unsure about getting started with a quote or would like more information on our company, contact us today!